Relying on subordinate laboratory rhesus monkey breeding center, security assessment center and biotechnology research center, the company with Topgene Biotechnology academician workstation declared to establish national primate experimental center and assisted related departments to formulate the national standards of laboratory monkey breeding and experiment.
Topgene Biotechnology  institute

Located in Wuhan Biolake with 30 mu planning land, will be built to "an institution, a center and a base", namely "non-human primate  institute, medical translational research center and drug products pilot base", mainly in the research of drug screening and evaluation characterized by humanized animal (disease) models, and is committed to completing standard formulation of Chinese laboratory monkey physiological indicators (initiative), as well as developing the business of gene editing and tumor and disease animal model preparation.

Topgene-the United States biotechnology research center

Founded in 2018, Topgene-the United States biotechnology research center is located in Houston, Texas, USA. Taking the rich medical and related technology research and development at the university of Texas medical center as the background, the research center assembles the high-end talents of American medicine, pharmacology and biotechnology, combining with resources superiority and advanced experimental technology characterized by non-human primate laboratory animals in China's parent company and is committed to building CRO enterprise with international advanced level for the biomedical technology innovation in China and the United States.

Workstation for CAS Academician

——Brief introduction to microbiologist, academician Deng Zixin

Deng Zixin, was born in 1957, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Member, CAS), fellow of the third world academy of sciences (TWAS), fellow of the American academy of microbiology (AAM). Currently, he is the dean of Wuhan University Pharmacy School, the director of Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology and the chief of State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism.

He is the present of the Chinese Society for Microbiology, the vice present of Chinese Agricultural Biotechnology Society, the chairman of International Committee for Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms (GIM-IC), the member of Intemational Symposium on Biolody of Actinomycetes (ISBA), the chief scientist of National 973 Project, the expert group member of National 863 Plan, the associate editor of the American Chemical society journal ACS Chemical Biology, and the journal editors of Cell series Cell Chemical Biology, American Society for Microbiology Applied and Environmental Microbiology and other domestic and foreign journals.

He is mainly engaged in the molecular biology study of microbial metabolism, especially in chemical biology of actinomycetes genetics and antibiotic biosynthesis, and uncovers the new areas of DNA sulfur modification, publishing more than 400 papers in domestic and international academic journals.

Workstation focuses on malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and other diseases to develop the mechanism research in new targets and new function and establish systematic drug screening models, providing technical services of drug screening for new drug research and development departments and enterprises in China. Close cooperation with other domestic screening platforms is undertaken to enhance communications in new technologies and new methods, continually improving the integrity and scientificity of early evaluation system of drug properties and gradually establishing drug efficacy evaluation system and platform.

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