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Talent Recruitment
  • Toxicology thematic leader
    Toxicology thematic leader

    Monthly salary: 1w-1.5w

    Job Responsibilities: To guide the design and test of toxicology research according to the requirements of GLP related laws and regulations; to be responsible for the whole process of project design, writing, organizing and implementing, result analysis and summary report, archiving and preservation of special research work, to ensure the quality and progress of special research work.

    Job requirements:

    1. Master degree or above, major in toxicology, pharmacology, basic veterinary medicine, etc. (clinical medicine or preventive medicine, undergraduate); master the theoretical knowledge and professional skills of toxicology, experimental operation ability is strong.

    2. More than two years of CRO or GLP related experience is preferred. Professional literature retrieval and report writing skills are preferred. Good writing skills, strong ability to analyze and summarize the literature. Through CET-6, able to access medical English literature, good communication and coordination skills.

    Contact: Ms. Lu, telephone number: 027-65524591-8113

    Mailbox: [email protected]

    Company website: http://www.tqbio.com/

    Corporate benefits:

    Five risks, one gold, catering subsidy, accommodation, transportation subsidy, regular physical examination, professional training, paid annual leave.

  • Pharmacology thematic leader
    Pharmacology thematic leader

    Monthly salary: 1w-1.5w


    1. To be responsible for the management of the R&D process of the Pharmaceutical Department, to control all aspects of the R&D process, and to coordinate the project process and the cooperation of the departments of the Pharmaceutical Department.

    2、Responsible for designing pharmacology related subjects and leading the team to carry out pharmacological experiments.

    3. Responsible for writing the relevant examination and approval materials for pharmacological experiments.

    Job requirements:

    1. Pharmacology and other biomedical related majors, master degree or above; two years or more CRO or GLP related experience is preferred; excellent fresh students may also be;

    2. Familiar with the related experimental methods of pharmacology and toxicology, can independently undertake the construction of new drug screening model in vivo and in vitro, activity screening and pharmacodynamics evaluation.

    3. Have a certain degree of project management experience, clear work ideas, have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems;

    4. strong writing skills, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and strong sense of responsibility.

  • Thematic Director (drug generation, drug generation)
    Thematic Director (drug generation, drug generation)

    Monthly salary: 1w-1.5w


    1. LC-MS/MS was used to determine the metabolism of drugs in animals.

    2. Design the experimental scheme of the research topic, solve the problem in the experimental process and follow up the special topic, and issue the experimental report of the special topic.

    Job requirements:

    1. Master degree or above, major in biomedicine.

    2. More than 2 years relevant experience in the field of generation / generation / chemical analysis.

    3. Be familiar with pharmacokinetic experiments and master the requirements of SFDA/FDA/ICH for drug metabolism / toxicity research.

    4. Be able to design, guide and operate the drug generation test independently and write reports.

    5. GLP experience. Familiar with analytical methods of chemical and biological drugs. Mass spectrometry is preferred.

  • Animal laboratory technician
    Animal laboratory technician

    Monthly salary: 4K-8.5K


    1. Responsible for the operation of animal experiments, including various routes of administration and blood collection.

    2, timely, accurately and clearly carry out experimental observation and data recording.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in bio-medicine related major, more than one year GLP related work experience is preferred, and excellent fresh students are also eligible.

    2, can operate animal experiments, not afraid of animals;

    3. Strong sense of responsibility and hardworking.

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