Congratulations to Topgene GLP Center to Pass the CNAS Certification


     Hubei Topgene Biotechnology Co.,Ltd(Topgene Biotechnology)Wuhan Branch was investigated by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS) on 2nd-3rd June,2018 and certification approved by CNAS recently.


     CNAS is integrated by CNAB and CNACL,it aims to promote the qualified organizations to strengthen construction according to the related criteria and standard,and provide the service by just behavior,scientific method and accurate result.

     It’s our honor to acquire the CNAS certification permission.It means the detection results issued by Topgene will be admitted by international authority, and Topgene will widely attend the international cooperation in the future.It also provide the guarantee for Topgene to build the top-ranking lab.

     Topgene will provide the more efficient,accurate and scientific safety evaluation service,and contribute to the innovation and development of biomedical enterprises!

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